Unopposed Expert Witnesses

Meet the three leading psychology expert witnesses who testified unopposed for Jun at trial.*

“His dismissal, in this context, was frankly over the top, unreasonable, unwarranted, and extremely detrimental to him.”

Dr. Koocher, trial testimony

“…Mr. Yu, a student whose assigned grades and evaluations across semesters was consistent with satisfactory progress, was a victim of the cultural incompetence of the ISU faculty.”

Dr. Chavez-Korell, trial testimony

“…Mr. Yu’s race and international status impacted the way he was treated by the faculty…”

Dr. Zorwick, trial testimony

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*Dr. Gerald KoocherDr. Shannon Chavez-Korell and Dr. Leslie Zorwick were the expert witnesses who testified for Jun at trial. Dr. Linda CampbellDr. Nadya Fouad and Dr. Erin Cooley served as rebuttal experts for Jun; they did not testify at trial, as the university presented no expert witnesses to rebut.